Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry Workshop

“LIMITED EDITION WORKSHOP” at Smiles Forever Andheri Clinic.

Vision invisible

Hands on weekend courses conducted by Dr. Suhas Lele on composites.

Live demo of a case. Start to finish step by step procedure. Cases could be of composite veneer layering technique/ diestema closure/ complex composite/ class 3 /class 4

Maximum of 15 participants. One day workshop Sunday.

Course fee: Rs. 8,000

Discussion topics in the Esthetic Dentistry Workshop, pertaining to the case:

  • Study models
  • Silicon key index
  • Squeezing of Papilla technique
  • Case selection
  • Shade selection
  • Thought process to achieve ultimate results
  • Diadactics – Audio visual and much more

Limited Participants: 10

COVID-19 Ready