Deciduous Tooth

Dental Treatment for Over Retained Deciduous Tooth

Hopelessly retained deciduous teeth without a permanent successor pose a restorative challenge for dentists and patients. Shifting of adjacent teeth, Compromised dental esthetics, altered occlusion and super-eruption of the teeth are some of the dental problems which are faced.

In these, the patient’s milk tooth never exfoliates, which cause discrepancies in shape & form of teeth. This can be easily corrected by using tooth coloured (composite) material that too in a single sitting.

The Dental treatment’s planning for the replacement of a hopeless retained deciduous tooth/teeth involves a periodontal evaluation, radiographic evaluation,  the status of the adjacent teeth (sometimes it includes a CT scan) evaluation of prosthetic options, diagnostic study models, medical history, orthodontic evaluation, and the assessment of the type of provisional restoration that will be surely required. All this is expertly handled and treated by the dentists at Smiles Forever dental clinic.

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