Gum Treatment

Scaling or Cleaning of Teeth

Cosmetic Dentist Dr Suhas Lele advises to scaling/cleaning of the teeth, which removes the adherent tartar & food particles in between the teeth and also between the teeth and gums. External stains which are on the teeth and cannot be removed by simple brushing can now be removed by the scaling and polishing.

Scaling is a dental procedure which is done by the state of the art, with modern ultrasonic technique in our own dental clinic. This procedure is safe and does not cause any harm or scratches on the natural tooth structure.

There is no need to give local anesthesia for this procedure as this is a virtually painless procedure.

Tartar / Calculus appears as  blackish, brown, yellow and is a hard deposit between the gums and the teeth

Excessive deposition of tartar over a period of time will lead to the mobility of teeth and unhealthy gums.

Some external stains on the teeth, which are caused by tobacco, smoking, intake of tea & coffee etc. Many a time a person does not have these habits and has good brushing habits, but unfortunately, stains are still seen

This happens because of the few chromogenic bacteria which are present in the saliva that causes these stains.

Myths about the Dental Technique of Scaling of Teeth

1) The teeth become weaker

2) Gaps are increased than before.

3) Teeth become shaky or mobile than they were before.

4) Sensitivity appeared which was not there, prior to the scaling dental technique.

Scientific Reasoning against the Myths

In some cases, there are a lot of gaps between teeth, which gets covered by tooth coloured tartar. And when the dentist removes this tartar the patient feels the gap that has occurred due to the cleaning of teeth, which is wrong.

The mobility of teeth post scaling is a myth where teeth can only get better and healthier after scaling. Tartar presence holds the shaky teeth and intact psychologically, but it is actually caused by a negative impact on the natural attachment of the gums and the teeth.

As the tartar is removed by the dentist the concealed part of the teeth is exposed to the oral environment which causes mild to moderate sensitivity for the teeth which is transient. This sensitivity disappears in a couple of days. Most of the patients never had experienced this sensitivity post the scaling dental treatment.

Maintenance of Oral Hygiene

In order to maintain proper oral hygiene, dentists always recommend professional cleaning or scaling of the teeth at least once in the year. We, dentists inspite of proper and disciplined dental care get the deposition

of the tartar on our teeth which gets scaled once a year. The proper technique of brushing the teeth twice a day coupled with flossing would take care of your oral hygiene for sure.

Dental Flossing

Flossing is done with the help of a thread like material which is called Dental Floss, it is inserted between 2 teeth & pulled from one side to remove the adherent plaque and tiny food particles which get lodged in between the teeth. This floss is coated with wax, as to catch food in between the teeth by the virtue of the stickiness. At our dental clinic, we recommend you to do this procedure every night before going to the bed

Floss is over the counter where the product is freely available and provided by companies like Colgate, Oral-B etc.

Super floss:

Dentist recommends the use of super floss for the cleaning of food particles which got stuck between the fixed bridges & gums.

Inter-dental brushes:

Whenever there is a food lodgement between the gaps of the teeth, inter-dental brushes are recommended. And also they are recommended for the dental treatment of the patients who are periodically (gums) compromised to ensure that the teeth is been properly clean.

Bad Breath / Foul Odour/ Halitosis

Bad Breath or a foul smell from the mouth is also termed as ‘HALITOSIS’. This can be possible because of various reasons:

1) Bad oral hygiene can cause accumulation of plaque, tartar and decay or infection in the mouth.

2) Deposition of sulphur products on the tongue.

3)  Very unhealthy eating habits and frequent stomach upsets on regular basis.

4) Habits such as alcohol consumption, smoking, mishri chewing and tobacco.

5)  Common in children less than 12 yrs of age as their stomach volume is smaller in size.

6)  Complains of the common cold. and tonsillitis.

7) Mouth breathers.

Treating Foul Breath:

In order to prevent foul breath in the mouth, brushing your teeth twice a day with recommended dental technique is necessary. Clean the visible area of the tongue with a cleaner which is available in the market is highly recommended. Nowadays, new toothbrushes in the market have an inbuilt tongue cleaner surface on the rear side of the brush.

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