How dental industry has changed over time!

It was precisely the year 1980. when society, friends and relatives came to know that I have become a Dentist….. by spending 4 long years for this degree course……. That too after putting efforts in the year of Inter-science (now it is 12th Std)

The real shock used to be that there exists fully equipped Dental College…. Called govt. Dental college attached to the then known St. Georges Hospital. Situated in the cosy silent zone just behind V.T. station (now it is CSMT)

It was NOT a fascinating branch at all! Neither anybody dreamt that it can evolve and flourish so much.

Today I am enjoying the moment penning down from my early days of professional life with bare minimum dental machinery , with the most ordinary dental chair to today’s high end imported dental chair supported by ultra modern digital gadgets fabricating prosthesis in a couple of hours that too on the same day.

Though I was a proud alumni of the most prestigious govt. Dental College and Hospital, within a couple of year of practice I realized that I know NOTHING!!!

There was no exposure to what’s happening Internationally neither were there any continuing Dental Education programmes being conducted at National level. Now the situation is far better.

This frustration compelled me to fly to USA to join the newly introduced course in Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics) at the prestigious New York University College of Dentistry, Manhattan.

Looking back no doubt dentistry has evolved, multifold but at slow pace!!

During 1990-95 whatever I was taught, learnt at USA… Be it Implant technology or engine driven Endodontics….. Started showing its presence… almost after 2005 in India!!

As a teacher and course coordinator since 2005 onwards in Manipal University… I can easily mirror the image of developing dental industry…. All over

I have been fortunate enough to witness the change in dentistry from analog to digital!!

I still feel old id gold!! But the technology has bowled me over. And am happy to adapt to the newer changing trends.

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