Level I

Level I – Cosmetic Dentistry Course

Dental Courses in Mumbai for Adhesive Dentistry under OPTIMUM PROTOCOL

basics on composite material, bonding techniques. 2 days (Sunday and Monday)

Class 1 to class 5 of composite restorations. Participants get to work on extracted teeth. Maximum of 12 participants.

Topics of the Level I Workshop in Cosmetic Dentistry Course in Mumbai

  • Introduction to Adhesion
  • Introduction to Aesthetic Dentistry.
  • Understanding the chemistry, the philosophy and the “state-of-the-art” technique of bonding.
  • Selection of materials for predictable results.
  • Practical insights into the most responsive sensitivity.
  • Preventing debonding and discoloration.
  • Restoration of Class I to Class V defects, wet-finger demonstrations as well as hands-on experience.
  • Knowing the pulse of the “light that cures”.
  • Making the demarcation line INVISIBLE (camouflaging).
  • How to avoid visible “Showthrough”.
  • Dark tooth (A-6) made lighter (B-1).
  • Biomimetics – Anatomic sculpting for natural recreation.
  • Basics of Clinical Photography.
  • Posterior restorations – predictable contacts and occlusal relationship of restorations.

Interactive Lectures at the Workshop for Aesthetic Dentistry Courses

  • Guide you with clinical cases in a step-by-step manner.
  • Demonstrate elaborate techniques with the aid of Multimedia presentation.
  • Help you know what you “do not know”.

Course Schedule

  • 02nd and 03rd of February 2020

Course Fee for the Hands on Courses in Dentistry


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