What it takes to be a successful Dentist?

Nothing succeeds.. like success!

Though it is a proverb,…. It is a relative situation, depending upon Topography, society, literary, and what do you intend to practice!?

Comparing Myself, different practice places, towns, where I was very successful stint for sure….! At least my professional collegues, patients, representatives, students use to reiterate the same.

Without hesitation and with the selfless mind.. I may give full credit of “so called success of mine” to the members of the society whom I treated (Patients) and my ongoing process of teaching and learning simultaneously.

I got heartfelt appreciation, kind regards from numerous “human beings” in patients and students for looking after their wellness and streaming them in right direction.

As my patients started re-visiting my clinic…. For different teeth ailment than previous….. showed their increasing faith and comfort zone in me and my team mates!

Quality goes hand in hand to durability and functionality where….cost takes a back seat!

It took me almost a decade to be trustworthy and dependable in my decisions!

After a long stint of 38 years in my professional career I am trying to be aligned with the latest modalities in modern dentistry along with my equally hard working daughter Dr Aditi and ever ready highly educated associates. Once achieved… “success” becomes “habit”.

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