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Smiles Forever, Best Dental Clinic in Mumbai

Yogesh Bhura

" Being a very nervous patient I was very wary of having my teeth done anywhere. Dr. Suhas Lele was an absolute godsend for me…. He reassured me throughout and I am not joking…. His method and approach was completely and utterly painless… I have never had such a positive and enjoyable experience at a dentist in my life! In addition to this he was a delight to speak to throughout the whole procedure which lasted about three hours… I was completely made to feel at ease and reassured throughout…. He is a master craftsman and an absolute gem of a man that is so passionate about his trade and the work that he does… What a fantastic human being.

Mukund Bhagwat

" The treatmentthat I had before earlier from other doctor was so much painfull and having not desired effort. The experience with Dr. Lele was absolutelu different. It was so much painfree that I never realised that I was Undergoing a very serious dental treatment. Normally a patient hesitates to go to any dentist just because of fear of pain that he will have to go through. With Dr. Lele it was exactlt opposite I was rather eager to go to him for treatment because I never experienced pain.
The dental procedure was above my expectations, absolute satisfaction.

Saurov Kakoti

" Smiles Forever is literally the first dental clinic I have been to in more than a decade and I didn't know what to expect. They have been very professional yet warm in their treatment and consultations. They are reliable and make you feel informed. Dr. Aditi Lele and the others are very sincere and experienced.

Sonal Mehta

" Dr Suhas Lele and his daughter Dr Aditi Lele has helped my daughter for the perfect suggestions and perfect treatment. It took over a year but went super smooth. They even have a visiting drs. The clinic is upgraded to all equipment and X-ray room. They have their in house surgery. They keep updating themselves by doing new advanced programs.. glad to be a part them..

Rahul Upadhyay

" It's indeed an art of dental clinic. The team of doctors is well trained and extremely dedicated. Dr. Suhasji is so friendly, was glad to meet him in person. When they say ,'one visit dentistry', they did mean it. I got my tooth fixed and teeth lightening done in single session. Very happy and feeling confident. Thank you Team Smiles Forever.

Anurag Gupta

" Smiles Forever is perfect abode to make your smile beautiful. Dr. Suhas Lele uses state of the art technology that is painless, efficient and the ambience is modern pleasant and hygiene. Smiles Forever ensures that coming to the dentist a real treat and has bequeath me with a beautiful sparkling smile !!!

Puneet Manchanda

" If you want to have perfect n painless treatment then please go to him. He and his team are THE best. They work like artists and with utmost care. Costly but ultimately worth every penny.