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Veneers, Crowns, Bridges Treatment In Mumbai

Overlapped Teeth

The teeth which are Crooked / Rotated / Overlapped can be well aligned with adjacent teeth to get a pleasant smile. And the best part is that it can be done in a single sitting.

Indirect Laminates

Indirect laminates are laboratories fabricated, highly polished thin nail which is like a shell bonded on the teeth. They are made from Ceramic. And because of this, they are a perfect aid for the beautification of your perfect smile

Gap Closure

Many times you must have wished that those awful looking gaps between your front teeth could disappear, And now this wish of yours can be turned into reality because of this treatment known as Gap closure. The gaps between the teeth can be closed efficiently in 1- 2 sittings with a non-invasive and conservative approach and the best is that no crown or caps are required to close these gaps.

Broken Front Teeth Treatment

Broken/Fractured teeth can be efficiently restored with the newer tooth colored material & bonding technique. The same shade also can be obtained as of the natural teeth without any demarcation line. Repetitive debonding of the filling can be avoided by diagnosing the cause of it. With the expert knowledge, we are efficient to treat the root cause of dislodgement & hence can provide a long lasting restoration.

This is one of the most conservative, bloodless and painless approaches in which modern technology is been used to sculpt a beautiful smile. The main advantage of this is, it never debonds and always stays repairable at any point in time. With proper maintenance followed by regular follows ups it last longer. This can be achieved in a single sitting.


Some people are born with abnormal shape and form of teeth. This can be a major drawback for ones personality. This can be treated with direct composite (tooth colored) restorations in a single sitting thereby enhancing your personality and boosting your confidence.

Dark Tooth

A Dark/discoloured tooth is often caused by trauma which could be the result of an accident, fall or a hit to the tooth. Sometimes it can turn pink due to resorption of the nerve of the teeth. This discolouration does not occur in a day, it takes a period of time as the nerve slowly dies within. In such cases, a good root canal treatment followed by tooth coloured (composite) restoration is the best treatment recommended.

Gummy Smile

Some individuals have more display of their gums, which gives them unaesthetic and toothless look. This gummy look can be easily converted into a bright, attention seeking smile in just one simple sitting procedure.

Dental Bleaching

The Process of lightening of teeth colour through an application of a chemical agent to oxidize the organic pigmentation in the tooth is known as Bleaching.
Here is the process step by step of Light-Activated Whitening Procedure.
1) The procedure will take 45 Minutes for B1 in the Clinic.
2) Philips Zoom is used which is the #1 professional whitening brand requested by the patient.
3) Our Dentist recommends advanced whitening treatment which reveals patients most healthy and radiant smile right away for the people who want an instant result.
4) Philips zoom is a Global leader in professionally-endorsed teeth whitening, and Philips zooms white speed delivers up to 8 shades of whitening in just 45 minutes with the help of advanced light-activation technology.

Customized treatment

We value our patients and understand the different requirements of each. We value our patients and understand their different requirements. We do appreciate that some people don’t want a perfect textbook style smile but, would like to maintain their originality and that is SUPERB!! Wonderful idea I would say. And that’s why we agree to it and we give you the perfect customized smile (on demand)

Veneers, Crowns, Bridges Treatment In Mumbai

Veneers, Crowns, Bridges Treatment In Mumbai

Direct Composite Veeners

Indirect Laminates & Gap Closure

Gummy Smile & Bleaching

Veneers, Crowns & Bridges Treatment in Mumbai

A Million Dollar Smile, Perfecting the Pearlies